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Real Alien Pictures Outside In Alaska

Alien in the Alaskin arctic Alien in the Alaskin Arctic

These two pictures are actually the same pic, but the one on the right is an enhanced version of the one on the left. This photo was taken in Alaska by a couple guys on snowmobiles taking pictures of the beautiful frozen landscape. When they arrived home one of them noticed a small figure in the picture and had it blown up to see if it was a person or maybe a sasquatch. It turned out that they had taken an unmistakable picture of an alien out in the wilderness of Alaska never thinking they would have run into a human. If you look at the first picture you can see the alien standing there probably hiding and doing a good job at it. It's really amazing that they had the opportunity to take such a monumental picture of a real alien.

Official Shaking the Hand of an Alien

Small Alien

Many people speculate that the average height of an alien is no more than four feet. In this photo you get to see what clearly looks like an alien shaking the hand of a military officer of some kind with what seems to be a man in a medical jacket, probably a scientist, who looks to be very excited by the way.

Small Alien Skeleton Found

Small Alien skeleton

An unknown person sent in this picture of an alien skeleton. This picture shows an alien like skeleton in what looks like some kind of an airless chamber that would preserve the skeleton forever.

Pre Roswell Alien Autopsy

Pre Alien Autopsy

Here we see an ET in a hospital type setting with a man that is either a doctor or a nurse of some kind. If you look at the bed though it's not your normal hospital bed and if you look closely at the background you can see fluorescent lights. So to us it seems that the alien is in a hallway of some kind with a sheet separating the alien from the rest of the workers there.

Alien Heads-Set of Three Alien Pictures

Alien Head Alien Head Alien Head

It seems that most people when taking pictures of aliens are most interested in the upper part of the body like the head. We would love to see more pictures of full alien bodies, but most of the time the close ups are not of say their feet. If you look at these three pictures you will notice that the aliens have pupils and eyelids, which is what most people had presumed in the first place. They also have nostrils which isn't something that too many people expected.

Close Up Alien Autopsy Pictures

Alien Autopsy Alien Autopsy

These two pictures of an alien autopsy show the first steps of the autopsy where they open the chest cavity. You even get to see a close up of the chest held wide open for all to see.

Trying to Keep an Alien Alive

Alien on life support

Here we have a photo of an alien being barely kept alive. It's on a respirator and they have all kinds of different types of sensors on the E.T. to keep an eye on it.

Alien Retrieved from the Roswell Crash-1947

Roswell Alien Autopsy Roswell Alien Autopsy

These are some really good black and white pictures of an alien retrieved after the Roswell crash of 1947. A lot of information was leaked out of Roswell since so many people were involved that weren't necessarily Government officials because they had to bring in so many specialists. So here we have another great two examples that the Government still says don't exist.

Alien Picture Captured on Hidden Hunter Camera

Alien Picture from hidden cam

Hunters will often strap camouflaged cameras to trees in order to find out what kind of animals go through certain areas and how often. This one time when the hunter brought the film in for development he got an animal he had never seen before. This is a close up picture of an alien traveling through the woods in North America no doubt surprised at the flash from the camera.

Alien Picture-Italy 2000

Alien Picture from Italy

This is another great alien picture. Supposedly taken in Italy in 2000 you can see from the image enhancement that there is clearly some kind of extraterrestrial behind the statue.

Alien On Hunter Camera-Manchester, KY

Scary Alien Picture Manchester, KY

This picture was sent to us from a person in Manchester, Kentucky that had caught this on their hunter's camera. We're not sure what type of alien it is (if it even is an alien) but it is by far one of the scariest. This is the kind of picture that makes you think that aliens may not be as friendly as some may think.

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