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Talking to beings from another dimension.

Possible Contact from Another Dimension?

Date Submitted: 03/06/2012

Visitor: Ruben Hernandez

My name is Ruben Hernandez. I think I made accidental contact with beings from another dimension. It sounds crazy but it's true, not a joke and I can prove it. Let me explain. 2 years ago I started to hear mechanical type sounds in my bedroom early in the morning. I thought I was just hearing things, until I started to record with my cell phone every time I heard something strange. What I recorded you would not believe. I started to record voices of men, women and children. Since these voices were being recorded, I knew I was not hearing things. It's safe to say my house is definitely haunted, a great true story for another day.

The one recording that concerns me is, the recording done one afternoon in my bedroom. This recording was done like all the rest. It begins with me speaking and asking whatever is there to speak into the machine. (My cell phone or voice recorder) I thought I was going to get the normal voices and comments as usual. What I recorded was the mechanical synthesized voices I had been hearing past through my bedroom early in the morning. There was a series of beings sounding off, one after another. The speech patterns are like nothing I have ever recorded before. It sounds like each being was speaking in a phrase. Nothing was seen, but I finally was able to record the mechanical voices I had been hearing and still hear from time to time. I think accidental contact was made. I asked for them to speak, they answered.

I'm not sure how any of this works. it just happens. The possibilities of other beings and entities coming here should be looked at for our safety as a nation. I don't know if this was a threat or not? I need access to professionals in this field. I just know something else was here that day. I think beings from other dimensions come and go from here all the time unnoticed and undetected. They exist in other plains, different color spectrums and different sound frequencies. My thought is, if entities and spirits can come here and interact with me on a daily basis, what else can come through? Entities interact with me all the time and show intelligence.

SETI looks deep into space for signs of life, that's great. I think they need to think outside the box and look into what we can't see right here on earth. Beings may already here. Please let me know what you think and if it would be possible to share this information with an agency that can research the recording. If I'm correct, this is something the US government should and would want be aware of.

I have one question for everyone. Do you think you're alone right now? Think again and listen. You can hear some of my recordings on YouTube search under RUEN2012

Thanks in advance.

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