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UFO Seen on the Way to The AirPort- 08/08/08

UFO Skyline UFO Skyline

A user submitted pic Unfortunately our system messed up so were not sure which one they were talking about. Please feel free to mail us to confirm the correct UFO picture. Here's what they wrote:
This picture was taken October 13th, 2008. I didn't see anything in the sky at the time, but I noticed it while looking at the pic after. I was on the way to the airport at the time, about half hour into the flight home we saw threw the window of our plane, 3 fighter jets flying very close to us, might not be a UFO looks like 1 to me cheers.

Battle of LA- 1942

The Battle of LA

The famous Battle of La happened on February 25th of 1942. At around 2:00am in the morning when the US navy thought we were being attacked by Japan. In the picture you can see the spotlights on the unidentified flying object as the Military started to fire over 1400 anti-aircraft rounds into the object after hours of firing the object simply disappeared and was never recovered or identified.
Visit the Full Story of The Battle Of LA

Unknown UFO Picture

Flying Hibachi Grill

A very close up picture of a UFO. Unsure where it came from or if it's a fake. Looking Closely it appears to be nothing more than a Unidentified Flying Hibachi Grill.

Unknown UFO Picture

UFO Picture

Unknown UFO Picture

UFO Picture

Real UFO Picture- SC 04/04/80

UFO Charleston SC

A user Submitted UFO picture from Charleston, SC. A very nice up close image that's extremely clear, notice the perfect shine on the side from the sun. A sure sign that it's not a fake.

Strange UFO Picture- BedHampton England 2001

Strange UFO Picture

A user Submitted UFO picture from BedHampton England. No other information was given other than the time and date on the picture.

Perfect Real UFO Picture- Unknown Date and Place

Perfect UFO

Great Picture taken by a construction worker that said he couldn't believe his eyes.

Many UFOs Spotted in the Sky in Washington DC

Washington DC UFO's

This picture was taken in 1952 in the restricted air space above Washington DC. This is a very famous picture that has been around for a long time. The Government still hasn't come forward telling the truth. Check out the whole story

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