What's happening from a different angle.

Discussion on whether they exist, what they look like, and where there from. As well as pictures and videos of aliens.

What's happening from a different angle.

Postby jellepit » Sun Aug 07, 2011 4:56 pm

Here's the take on all of this from a different perspective. Genesis chapter 6 Fallen angels come down from the atmosphere and rape human women, from this a different race is created called the Nephilim. These are powerful human/alien hybrids and thoroughly wicked. The race is destroyed by the flood. They're back again. This time they are smarter and realize we have more sophisticated defenses and so a plan has been hatched to infiltrate our societies from within. To cover this they communicate with certain humans and push a false back story which is that they are our ancient creators and are here to guide us through the transition of man.

What makes no sense is that if they are benevolent, why do they scare the living daylights out of people and sexually abuse so many abductees? Also there is overwhelming evidence that they have implemented a program of creating Human/Alien hybrids that are so authentic in looks and behavior that are impossible to detect when amongst us. These are sleeper cells and when the time is right will take there place in the subjugation of mankind under their master the antichrist.

Parallel to this is the formation of a global government under the rule of the New World Order, the 13 families of the Illuminati have been in full knowledge of the Alien agenda, they are all lucifarians and have been assisting this plan for thousands of years. The final outcome is a world dominated by the elite class (Rockafellas, Rothchilds...ect) the Antichrist, his one world religion, the new age, and his demons and fallen angels, the so called aliens. The rest of us will be a slave class who will ultimately be forced to worship the antichrist or die. All of this information is in the bible if you know where to look.
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