NASA Satellite Falling To Earth

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NASA Satellite Falling To Earth

Postby Alien UFO Research » Sat Sep 24, 2011 1:01 am

NASA has a defunct satellite heading towards Earth and they're not totally sure where it's going to land.

The satellite was deployed from space shuttle Discovery in 1991 and decommissioned in December 2005. Since then its' just been floating around Earths atmosphere with all of the other space junk out there. The 6 1/2-ton climate probe is not going to be a controlled crash (as into an ocean) but basically out of control. In numerous news reports and twitter posts from NASA they say they're really not sure where or when it's going to land.

According to NASA the satellite will fall and separate into about 26 pieces some of which will not burn up into the atmosphere because of it's large size and material that it's made of.

With most of the planet covered in water and vast uninhabited deserts and other land directly beneath the satellite's flight path, the chance that someone would be hit by falling debris was one-in-3,200, NASA said.

"The risk to public safety is very remote," it said.


As of right now we are following the satellite and NASA and will update when we have more to report.
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