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Blue Flying Saucer Over Chile
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Blue Flying Saucer Over Chile

November, 15 2015

On November, 13th a large circular-shaped UFO appeared above the city of Iquique, Chile in the Northern Chile's Tarapaca Region. The UFO was blue and made no sound according to reports that were sent in by thousands of people that had witnessed it. While it hovered above silently, video and photo evidence was taken.

The area has a population of about 181,773 people and is located on the western coast of the country. Chile hasn't been a particular hotspot for UFO activity.

Out of the thousands of people that saw the UFO everyone reported the same thing. A saucer-shaped object that floated across the sky. "I looked up and saw this weird object in the sky. It was blue and moved slowly and silently." -Sebastian

After further investigation, the local authorities stated that the UFO wasn't anything alien in nature at all and was in fact, a new clock that they were shining into the sky and that this was a test run.

Oddly though, is the fact that you can't see the light in any of the pictures beaming up from the ground as you normally would. Very strange given all of the angles.

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