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Bessemer, MI UFO Sighting
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The Bessemer, MI UFO Sighting Video

February, 02 2014

Bessemer, MI UFO Sighting

On April 20, 2012 multiple witnesses in the small town of Bessemer, MI as well as Hurley, WI all witnessed a classic "flying saucer" shaped UFO hovering above them. At the time there were an estimated 2000 people living in the area.

The craft was silent, and displayed multiple lights around it while it spun in a circular motion. One of the many witnesses captured a video of the supposed alien craft hovering above him over the tree line.

One witness Ricky had this to say about the event.

" It was tree top level, silent and looked like a Ferris Wheel, plus that morning was the first and ONLY time my lab Palin refused to go outside. She will challenge a bear from our lawn but something that morning had her so spooked I had to force her out with me so she could crap. THAT was weird and really coincidental..."
Warning: F word used when sighted

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If you were at this event and witnessed the UFO we would love to hear from you and get your take on the sighting. Please use the contact form on the top of the page to get a hold of us.

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