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Aliens and UFO's in Ancient History Page Two

Japanese Painting with UFO-1803

UFO on Japanese Shore

This is a very interesting UFO painting from Haratonohama, Hitachi, Japan in 1803. There was a book written about it Ume No Chiri that said: "foreign ship and crew" was spotted on the shore of Haratonohama, Hitachi, Japan and that the ship was made of metal and glass with strange writings on it. This is the artists rendition of the flying saucer resembling space ship.

Here's a map of the Location Haratonohama, Hitachi, Japan

UFO Sighting During War- 776

UFO Painting UFO Painting

These Great paintings are from a manuscript from the 12th century called Annales Laurissenses. It tells the tail of the siege on Sigiburg castle in France, where the Saxons had surrounded the French and were about to take over the castle when Flaming Shields hovered over the church. The Saxons thought that the French were protected by these beings and fled. This event happened in the year 776 and has been well documented.

Large Elongated Head Sculpture- Alien Tribute?

Large Elongated Head Sculpture

While many say this ancient sculpture is nothing more than a women's hair, it could very well be another look into aliens and how active they were in our civilizations at the time.

Moses Receiving Ten Commandments With UFO's In The Sky

Moses and UFO's

It has been talked about how Aliens visited this planet long ago and helped advance civilization and steered humanity into the people we are today. If indeed Moses received the ten commandments from ancient aliens, then many points of the Bible and divine past could easily be explained. This painting is from a wood drawer which is kept at Earls D’Oltremond in Belgium.

Ancient Ecuadorian Alien Astronaut Sculpture

ancient ecuadorian sculpture

An interesting piece of art found in Ecuador of what appears to be a man or being in a type of space suit. Look at the similarities to today's space suits our Astronauts wear.

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