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Aliens and UFO's in Ancient History

Aliens in our Ancient History

Since the dawn of humanity we have been in contact with extraterrestrials. Either by one-on-one close contact or watched from a distance in UFO's and other space craft. There is a plethora of evidence of Aliens being involved in our history from paintings, scrolls, sculptures, art, and stories that date back to the beginning of our earliest recordings as people on this planet. Some of the most famous works of art from the greatest artists often depict different aliens UFO's and other paranormal sites that can only be explained by the visiting of our alien neighbors.

UFO in the Painting- The Madonna with Saint Giovannino

UFO in the The Madonna with Saint Giovannino

This is the painting titled "The Madonna with Saint Giovannino" a painting from around the 15th century most likely painted by Domenico Ghirlandaio. The painting depicts Mary mother of Jesus looking down while in the background you can see a clear picture of what appears to be a UFO flying above while a man on a ledge blocks the sun with his hand and stares at the strange flying object in the sky.

UFO in the Painting- The Baptism of Christ

UFO in The Baptism of Christ

This is the painting titled "The Baptism of Christ" painted in 1710 by Aert De Gelder. There are many strange UFO's and Alien beings in ancient art, but none as clear as this one. You see in the sky an undoubtedly space craft shining down on Christ. It could be interpreted as God or a Godly being such as an angel, but its uncanny resemblance to a common UFO space craft or flying saucer creates much doubt that it was meant to be a Godly being.

UFO on a French Jeton

UFO on a French Jeton

A type of coin a Jeton was used to figure our complicated monetary systems and may have been used in substitution of legal tender in games. This particular French Jeton from 1680 shows what appears to be a UFO flying in the air and even more intriguing the Latin inscription translates to "It is here at an opportune time".

UFO in the Painting- The Crucifixion

Picture of Christ with two UFOs Picture of Christ with two UFOs Picture of Christ with two UFOs

Titled simply "The Crucifixion" by an unknown artist in 1350, This painting depicts two UFOs with Aliens inside flying by Christ's Crucifixion in the top right and left corners of the painting.

Strange Alien Beings in Painting

Alien Beings

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